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Bizcocho Maligno 2.0

Monolake es una de las pocos grupos/proyectos electrónicos que estoy escuchando últimamente, quien sabe por que. Aqui comparto algunos fragmentos de entrevistas que se encuentran en su sitio web...:

would you agree with the fact that some sort of "recipe" can be found in
monolake's music ?

i still do not know what makes a monolake track even if i try to think of it. but i know that monolakes
music can be discribed more by words like "space,time,continous change, color,rhythm" and not so
much by "song,melody,chord progression". i had a time when i thought this should change and on "cinemascope" there are some of the results, but i now feel more like finding another structural aproach. we will see. fortunately i do not have the impression that monolake is bound to a specific style or sound. monolake is not dub and berlin minimalism is nice but not our entire musical cosmos.

you seem to like to play with the listener's perception of time and space,
to distort the features of his/her reality. Is it a conscious gesture or do
you just like long lenghts ? your music seems to follow no pre-determinate
temporal construction...

i like this idea of music as something which could go on forever, like a sculpture in time. often i do some pure atmospheric structures which i just let go for a few hours... tracks like "nucleus" on the
gravity album show this idea...
... but as a nice contradiction there is a need for beats to create some kind of structure which can contain/hold/counteract the very light and floating spaces...

Is its a long, painful task, or do you also keep more
spontaneou first takes ? Do you work a lot with sequencing or do you just
edit real-time performances ?

i did spend lots of time in creating tools which allows mw to work very fast once i feel
like doing some music. the result then is going thru a long and often painfull
process of re-organisation, editing, mastering...

how would you rely to the world "beauty" ? Would you agree with the
statement that monolake's music is above all a quest for "beauty" in sound ?

i completly agree. i love beauty, but in general i find a complex mixture of sound more
beautifull then a melodic love song ... and this somehow reflects my general
approach towards live. monolake is a very personal project...

pueden encontrar todas las entrevistas completas aqui.