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Bizcocho Maligno 2.0

Good things survive because they die young and keep their innocence.

Encontre este texto muy interesante, escrito por Alec Empire (ex-Atari Teenage Riot), como parte de la release info de su disco Alec Empire Vs Merzbow at the CBGB. No es ningun genio ni nada pero la idea es directa y punto:

Aca va un pequeño fragmento.:
This is how to understand the way images on MTV and the Internet rule over music so powerfully right now and relieve the people of taking the next mental step.
Radio follows MTV because MTV both reflects and dictates what the public wants to hear. It relieves Radio from having to decide what goes on its playlists.
The need for quick commercial success inhibits independent thought.
Strangely enough the most important impulses in the history of music did not come from the mainstream, but from clubs like CBGB’s. Without these places the commercial industry would have no new ideas and at least 50% of contemporary chart music would not exist. Boybands are deliberately made to look like Punks, and the current crop of so called Punks make music that even leaves their own parents indifferent.

El articulo completo lo pueden leer aqui.