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Sobre un tema que conoci hace muy poco, que esta en constante rotación los últimos dias.
Sacado de AllMusic:

"Love Comes in Spurts," which Hell first performed during his brief tenure with the Heartbreakers and later revived as the opening track of his first album with the Voidoids, sounds like the title to some bit of semi-clever sexual humor. But a quick scan of the lyrics proves that Hell's real subject wasn't Eros so much as the maddening search for validation through a relationship.
As Robert Quine's shrapnel-bursts of guitar explode around him, Hell spits, in a voice that splits the difference between rage and hurt, "I was a child/Who wanted love that was wild/Though tight as slow motion/But crazed with devotion," capping off the first verse with the bitter declaration, "I was 14 and a half/And it wasn't no laugh." When the title line is shouted out by Hell and his bandmates in the chorus, it's made obvious that this song isn't about sex, it's about love that arrives in measures too few and far between to ease the pain of a harsh and abrasive world. And if that sounds a bit sensitive for a punk rock song, well, in this performance Hell proves that sharing your feelings doesn't have to sound wimpy.